Conflict Resolution With Different Personality and Communication Styles 

 November 24, 2014

By  Lorna

Sometimes when people are different, we think they are difficult eff.com_.CDgraphic11

Differences in personality and communication styles affect communication, misunderstandings, conflict, and stress. By understanding these differences we can have more success in achieving positive outcomes.

Sometimes the biggest problem is not recognizing how and why treating people the way you want to be treated may actually have adverse effects. You’ll have many ‘a-ha’ moments personally and professionally. . . and perhaps sore from laughing so hard at the typical mistakes we make.

Conflict Resolution and Managing Emotionscroc_3

The pressure is high, emotions are raw, and the moments are brief. How do you tap into your intelligence when the situation seems insane?

Most of us are uncomfortable with conflict yet it can be handled with diplomacy. Silence is acceptance. Ignoring it often creates more conflict and accelerates emotional spirals than by simply dealing with it. By learning how to handle conflict and emotions (theirs and ours), we can improve relationships, inspire positive change, and massively reduce stress.

You’ll also understand some powerful basics on how men and women react and communicate differently when stress and emotions come into play. Know how and when to handle these difficult conversations, and even tips on how not to cry.


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