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Media Reel

Keynote & Conference Events


Women's Conference Break-out Session


Stroke diva radio show notice
  • How a stroke inspired a new perspective and business
  • What happens under stress and how to get control
  • Empowering Women with assertive communication
  • How to create excitement, engagement and a sense of community when teaching in a virtual environment
  •  The impact of language - how it creates our reality and fuels our perspective

Quick Communication Tips Podcasts Series
5 minutes or less

Helping busy professionals Master the Moment no matter what hits the fan

Getting make up on the air
TV show interview of Lorna
Interview with Lorna both laughing

Mike Perkins, Maintenance Coordinator

“I enjoyed the energy, excellent communication in hitting the points. The preparation was first class. The stories and tips amazing. I was able to take all the instruction/information and find answers I was looking for. This was by far the best all around presentation on leadership, communication and effective problem solving to reduce stress and solve issues on a common or neutral ground”

Emerald Property, Spingfield, OR

Sue Lehmann, Lead Administrator, Seattle, WA

“Lorna is the best speaker I’ve heard. She really motivates through humor & holds my interest. I’m raring to go now!”

US Department Of Labor

Deriree Widdifield, Payroll Technician

“Really opened my eyes to understanding people that I think or assume might have a conflict with me when actually I might have been taking it personally. Lots of great tools and tips”

Western Forest Products, Duncan BC

Sher Belledin, Engineering & Technology Transition

“First of all I loved your speaking style. It’s very easy to learn when it’s presented in such a fashion. You are very captivating. Thank you! When I grow up, I want to be like you.”

The Boeing Company

Dana Kocsis

“I learned tons about how to be more effective in my current position and about how to be an overall better human being”

American Apparel, Los Angeles, CA