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Women's Conference Break-out Session


Stroke diva radio show notice
  • How a stroke inspired a new perspective and business
  • What happens under stress and how to get control
  • Empowering Women with assertive communication
  • How to create excitement, engagement and a sense of community when teaching in a virtual environment
  •  The impact of language - how it creates our reality and fuels our perspective

Quick Communication Tips Podcasts Series
5 minutes or less

Helping busy professionals Master the Moment no matter what hits the fan

Getting make up on the air
TV show interview of Lorna
Interview with Lorna both laughing

Wayne Westerlund, Supervisor

“With only 2 hours sleep with the flu/cold, Lorna kept me awake with her enthusiastic approach. Excellent examples that I can relate to. I have taken with me more than I thought I would come out with. Thanks.”

Skretting, Feeding the Future

Colette Bobowski, Legal Coordinator

“Excellently delivered. Very real examples with concise, specific examples on how to deal with numerous situations. Lorna is extremely knowledgeable and interesting. Highly recommend.”

SASK Energy

Junn Hartwell, Manager

“Lorna was an excellent presenter. She kept us engaged through humour and facts and statistics. Very interesting, made a lot of everyday associations so we could relate. Best seminar I’ve ever been to and I’ve learned a lot I can use in my workplace and everyday life! Thank you Lorna”

Fountain Tire, Saskatoon

Lorraine Wilson, Team Manager

“Very inspirational and motivating. I am desperate to start using what I have learned. Lorna was the best speaker I have seen.”

Prudential Stirling, UK

Linsea O’Shea, Executive Assistant

“Lorna is fabulous, engaging and brilliant! I never thought I would come to laugh about my challenges and difficulties and get a quick and workable tip the very next second”

BC College of Teachers