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Audience in ballroom

Conference Events  •  Keynote  •  Breakout Sessions

“The excitement in the room was obvious.  You did an amazing job of educating and entertaining this huge group!  As a result, we have invited you back to speak at another conference 6 months from now in Atlantic City.   We have never invited a speaker back so quickly as we have with you.”

Margaret O'Neal, Director of Education and Certification

Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association, USA

" After seeing you at a conference, Lisa, from our Casper division recommended you when I was organizing our Speaker list.  So glad she did!! The feedback was great. I hope you enjoy reading about the impact you made on our attendees!  Some thought the closing speaker was going to have big shoes to fill to measure up, but Lorna McLaren knocked it out of the park! Very energetic and engaging speaker. Perfect finale. Once again, thank you for joining us in San Antonio. It was such a pleasure to meet you and hear your beautiful message.

Cynthia S. Paskett,
Sr. Consultant

Event Organizer, Lincoln Financial Network 2019 Staff Forum,
san Antonio, TX

“Both of your sessions were excellent – the crowd loved your presentation style, information and interactive exercises.  The most consistent comments were to have you back again and that they had fun.  Certainly when someone can make learning as much fun as you do, I would like to talk to you about next year's conference.

Pat A. Hillmer,
Conference Coordinator

Trade Show & Conference, Landscape Ontario Congress, Canada

Nation stage
PJ group
Sydney conference

Virtual Conference Events

EXCELerate conference talk notice
EXCELerate conference info

"The group was so engaged. Lots of amazing feedback from everyone who attended. Many said it was the best session they have attended so far!  Thank you for your agility and willingness when you had to change your plans on the fly today! I think it worked very well"

Holly Sorgen 

event Moderator

Sarah Cole, Supervisor

“Best ever, loved the stress portion. Great stories very relatable. Am confident I could deal with conflict not only at work, without feeling guilty. Great communication topics. Every woman should take this workshop. So uplifting, left feeling empowered”

Daeshim Ventures Inc, North Battleford

Mike Perkins, Maintenance Coordinator

“I enjoyed the energy, excellent communication in hitting the points. The preparation was first class. The stories and tips amazing. I was able to take all the instruction/information and find answers I was looking for. This was by far the best all around presentation on leadership, communication and effective problem solving to reduce stress and solve issues on a common or neutral ground”

Emerald Property, Spingfield, OR

Crispin Catacutan, Night Manager

“It’s a morale boosting training for leadership. Absolutely great program to attain vast and useful effectivity and productivity.”

SDS Pathology

Lindsay C. Best, Senior Scientist

"I have been to far too many seminars and courses which on paper have looked to be very interesting. For once, this has lived up to my expectations - Well done, Lorna"

Tepnel Scientific Services, Glasgow, Scotland

Mark Wignall, Software Engineer

“1st speaker at a seminar I didn’t get bored or sleepy!” Excellent speaker/presenter”

Lorna signing her book
Vince Pocente, Lorna, Kit Grant, Trina Read

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Convention
with Vince Pocente, Keynote Speaker and NYT Bestselling Author, Kit Grant, International Speaker, Dr. Trina Read, Award-winning Speaker, Bestselling Author.