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Virtual Learning

Creating an environment that engages and builds a sense of community

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2020 was a time to pivot from live events to virtual.
A rapid learning curve while opening up exciting opportunities.
Engagement is the key.

What Clients Are Saying

Virtual Telephone Etiquette Event
Client Advisors Throughout BC

"We have received some excellent feedback with a few folks already asking when we can have you back!  Hundreds joined the event including our Regional President."  "You are amazing!  Thank you so much for a successful event.  We enjoyed learning from you." 

Nicole Dalton, 1st Community Manager
Jennifer Meyer, NextGen Event Organizer
Royal Bank of Canada, Kelowna, BC

excelerate 2021 

"The group was so engaged. Lots of amazing feedback from everyone who attended. Many said it was the best session they have attended so far!  Thank you for your agility and willingness when you had to change your plans on the fly today!  I think it worked very well"

Holly Sorgen 
Event Moderator, EXCELerate 2021

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See What Attendees of  "3-hour" Virtual Sessions are Saying

Dealing with Difficult People

  • Dynamic, informative, I learned new techniques as well as a reminder of those I had forgotten about
  • It helped me to listen more and understand how the way "I speak" to others impacts their response
  • Lorna made learning this information fun and less intimidating as I thought it would be.  Clear on every topic and kept me focused the entire time
  • She helped me understand why conflict and emotions exist in the workplace and hit the nail on the head in the types of difficult people we deal with.  Those tips on how to listen will have a huge impact on me!

Handling High Stress Conversations

  • Fantastic the information and her energy! I've learned a lot of new techniques I can put into action today!  
  • Lorna did an exceptional job at keeping us engaged with funny anecdotes, real life stories, she's professional, relatable, vulnerable, and entertaining.  The time flew by. I can't believe how much I learned and how energized I felt after it was over
  • She gave great examples and a variety of examples we could all relate to in some way when dealing with difficult conversations.
  • I've never had anyone share so many ways of handling tough conversations.  I feel a renewed excitement communicating with my teenager as well as my colleagues. Yes, we do teach people how to treat us.  Thanks for the reminder

Negotiation Strategies

  • This was a great webinar. I appreciate the clarity of how she presented, she repeated several very important key takeaways, and she flowed through questions and content with ease.  
  • Although I had heard some of the information before, Lorna presented it in a way that made me understand "how to use it" with specific examples and scenarios.  She is very caring, knowledgeable, and in tune to the audience.
  • Fantastic!! Very relatable.  Her mastery of communication strategies are so helpful and insightful.  I have tools I can use right away.  You've helped me both personally and professionally.
  • Loved it! Lorna was a very engaged and lively presenter and educator. Her expertise was evident in how she was able to convey the material and make it realatable in everyday situations.  Life is a negotiation.  Now I know how to prepare and implement what I've learned.  Thank you!  

Conflict Management Skills for Women

  • I love all the stats and quotes she throws out there and her willingness to share personal interjections to make it real. She never reads from a book or Power Point. You feel like she is talking to you and makes you feel inspired to make changes.
  • Lorna McLaren was FANTASTIC!  She is energetic, has great recommendations and good action to take in many different circumstances.  Yay! Lorna way to go to help women! Thank you! Thank You!
  • I loved your B.I.T.C.H. acronyms - you understand insecurities and how to get us lightening up and laughing while learning powerful lessons at the same time.  
  • So encouraging, loved her recommendations and I can't wait to start applying what I have learned!  Who knew I'd feel so happy and excited after a conflict class, lol

Leadership (a 2-day event)

  • I am a young supervisor with staff older and more experienced than me. I have had a difficult time communicating with them. Lorna was so helpful I now have tools to be communicating more efficiently and feel a renewed exhilaration in my new position. You are a very engaging instructor,  thank you!
  • Very interesting and enlightening. I need to make the time to focus on myself in order for me to be a better person. Also taught me how I need to respond and choose my words wisely. This was a very good leadership course.
  • Great content and break-out discussions! Lorna got the group talking, is knowledgeable, and gave me lots of relevant tools to use. Absolutely wonderful. I learned a lot about myself and especially about the different personalities and how each one interacts with the other. We were sorry when it ended .... which is unusual. Thank you.
  • Amazing facilitator, she strives to involve everyone and make the process relevant for everyone in the webinar.  Her vast knowledge is super helpful and insightful. She provided great resources, guidance, I can't wait to put into play what I've learned.
  • It helped me think about things differently. Great reminders about the fact that Leaders/Managers are held to a different level of responsibility. I now have tools to deal with challenging employees without feeling like a diciplinarian. I can't believe how much I've learned in such a short time!  Good job.
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