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Onsite Training

Audience at training session

Bring professional training and development to your location.  The experience is a team building event in itself.

Happy to accommodate your timing and schedule training modules for your specific needs.

What clients are saying

What an impression you made on my guys!!!!  You had their attention the whole day, they still have a good after-burn of enthusiasm! Everyone appreciated your humour and very quick wit. Often mentioned were the life examples that relate course material to everyday situations to make the specific principals clear. We've got you coming back to work with different departments. Thank you.

Ralf Schmidt
 President & cEO

MTU Maintenance Canada
Airplane engine Rebuilding

"Of the yearly training that we provide, I have never heard so many amazing comments on your delivery! Everyone was really excited and said it was their best sessions ever.  Lorna, you absolutely nailed it in teaching Communication for Customer Service and Sales.  Thanks!"

Lawrence Yakielashek, General Manager

FarmLink Marketing Solutions, Winnipeg, MB

Lorna thank you so much for the awesome training! We appreciate the opportunity you've given us to work with you. Mastering essentials of WOW customer service and dealing with conflict in a way that re-excites our valued veteran employees was engaging and interactive. It was such a pleasure and everyone had such great feedback.

Pam Wood, Sr. Director Sales Operation

Dermalogica, Carson,CA

Audience and Lorna's back
Workshop group
Workshop group cheering


Consider these as an “a la carte” menu,
prepared the way you like for your specific needs.

How to Communicate with DiplomacyMaster the Moment, no matter what hits the fan

Feel confident in communicating through stressful situations. Know the steps to create the calm and respectful environment you need, and how to keep it that way.  Recognize the Human Factor when it comes to listening.  Understand the impact and
game changer of Verbal, Vocal, and Visual in communication

  • Which words are known to trigger emotional responses so you can avoid them
  • What words ensure clarity, have impact, and maintain respectful dialogue
  • How to use your tone to instantly change the dynamics of communication
  • What you didn’t know about body language that will change everything

Personality and Communication Styles
How treating people the way you want to be treated may actually have adverse effects

Differences in personality and communication styles affect communication, misunderstandings, conflict, and stress. Sometimes when people are different, we think they are difficult.  By understanding these differences we can have more success in achieving positive outcomes.

Sometimes the biggest problem is not recognizing how and why treating people the way you want to be treated may actually have adverse effects.   You’ll have many ‘a-ha’ moments personally and professionally. . . and perhaps sore from laughing so hard at the typical mistakes we make.

Conflict Resolution and Managing Emotions

When the pressure is high, emotions are raw, and the moment is brief – what you say in that defining moment matters!  How do you tap into your intelligence when the situation seems insane?

Most of us are uncomfortable with conflict yet it can be handled with diplomacy.  Silence is acceptance. Ignoring it often creates more conflict and accelerates emotional spirals than by simply dealing with it.  By learning how to handle conflict and emotions (theirs and ours), we can improve relationships, inspire positive change, and massively reduce stress.

You’ll also understand some powerful basics on how men and women react and communicate differently when stress and emotions come into play.  Know how and when to handle these difficult conversations, and even tips on how not to cry.

The Stress Factor: Awareness and Solutions "Stop in the Name of Stress"

Stress affects us daily, and certain professions deal with it more than others.  We now know that most chronic disease and illness is stress related. Stress  releases brain chemicals that can be toxic, contributing to physical ailments as minor as headaches and  as critical as heart attacks. It also saps billions of dollars in lost revenue and mounting medical fees, not to mention quality of life
Be very aware:

  • What happens to you physically when high emotions and stress
    come into play
  • How to recognize your own stress triggers and get a different response
  • How to strengthen your sense of well being and clarity of purpose
  • When you can’t stop the stress from coming at you, know how to
    alleviate it once you feel it
  • What the #1 route to insanity is and how to avoid it

Keep Stress and Difficult People from Ruining your Day

Difficult people may be the know-it-all, passive aggressive, aggressive, condescending, always been this way, negative, blame others, toxic… the list goes on. We spend more time at work than any other activity in our lives.  I don’t know anyone who hasn’t suffered the effects of a toxic person at work who sucks the energy and passion out of your job. Some people’s only success seems to be bringing down the success and happiness of others.
Did you know, of all the employees who leave a job, the majority of them do so as a result of unresolved conflict with others that contributes to a toxic work environment and high stress?  

We all know what it’s like to have a stressful day and take it out on traffic, our loved ones, or ourselves.  Or worse, keep our stress inside, buried alive as it manifests physically.  Don’t lose your good people; give them the tools they need.

Take control and learn some fast, fun and focused tips on how to handle and reduce stress, stay positive, confident, and feel good about yourself.

How to Inspire and Motivate

People thrive in an atmosphere where they are passionate, enthusiastic, and proud of their contributions. It makes us happier, healthier, and more productive. By knowing how to communicate to inspire and motivate yourself and others, you can increase your productivity, sense of joy, and reduce stress.  Any goal requires action, and these systems work.

  • How to communicate for positive impact
  • How words impact how people feel
  • What motivates and inspires people,  why it works, and the how to do it
  • Building self-motivation

Leadership and The Communication Factor

Enhance your communication impact and results in coaching, delegating, delivering effective feedback, inspiring change, and handling conflict.

What makes a good Leader?  It goes beyond age, experience, and education.  IA great leader inspires the best in oneself and others.  How do you communicate that?

As a Leader, you are held by a different standard.  Your success is based on the performance of others.  Focus on integrity, accountability and being the consummate professional when it comes to how you communicate and build relationships with others.

Pop the Garlic: Get more done in less time and have a life outside of work

You can ‘pop’ 5 cloves of garlic in the same amount of time it takes to peal one. Learn systems to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Without a clear understanding of what determines a priority, we end up doing a really good job on something that doesn’t need to be done in the first place.  Or we feel exhausted by the end of the day yet are not quite sure what we actually accomplished.

There are systems to easily determine how to prioritize and organize one’s time.  There is no such thing as free time.  Recognize your time wasters and know how to maximize efficiency in what you do.  

Presentation and Public Speaking: How to Captivate, Relate to, and Motivate a  Group of People

Develop the ability to communicate with impact and engage an audience!   Valuable tools you can use immediately to improve your ability, credibility and charisma when speaking in public.  Increase your confidence and competence with these proven techniques when speaking to large groups, training your staff, leading a meeting, presenting to your customers, massaging public relations, and maximizing media exposure.  

  • Make an instant transition from average to compelling
  • Organize a presentation ‘with ease’ to do what you want it to do
  • Connect with your audience and keep them interested
  • Improve voice clarity, cadence and projection – instant impact
  • Handle questions with diplomacy, control and finesse and tips- if you’re stumped.When you can nail it speaking in public, there’s nothing you can’t do after that.  The ability to speak in public is one of the biggest catapults in any profession and industry, no doubt “68% of employees feel the most unproductive during unfocused meetings that don’t end on time”

When you can nail it speaking in public, there’s nothing you can’t do after that.  The ability to speak in public is one of the biggest catapults in any profession and industry, no wonder "68% of employees feel the most unproductive during unfocused meetings that don’t end on time”


R.A., P. Eng.

“I want to state my deep appreciation for the tremendous positive impact you and your course had on my day to day activities this year. Thank you!!!

You kick started my quest for growth. I used to consider myself very much as a bit of a visionary, until I got too comfortable – and the growing stopped. I did ok, but it was not good enough. Once again, through your presentation, I realized I can and must do better. This is what I am grateful to you for. Thank you”

Nican Electrical Consulting LTD, Alberta, Canada

Crispin Catacutan, Night Manager

“It’s a morale boosting training for leadership. Absolutely great program to attain vast and useful effectivity and productivity.”

SDS Pathology

Jennie-Lee Shauer, Comm.s Dispatch Supervisor

“Lorna used wit and interesting examples throughout to hold my attention and interest. She gave examples that I will remember long after the course. Thank you! In fact, I’d really like it if she was an ap on my iPhone!!”

Surrey Fire Service

Daniel Johnson, Purchasing Manager

“10’s on how to build high performing teams. If anyone didn’t go away with 20 ways to do better on the job, they were asleep. Thanks Lorna!”

Advanced Food Products, WI

Mandy Parker, Product Manager

“Lorna is an excellent program leader – her examples gave me goosebumps & inspired me. Although I feel demoralized and demotivated at work, she helped me to realize/remember “there is no problem you can’t learn yourself out of” & when there’s a problem you can either focus on it or look for an opportunity”

Quest Travel, Kingston, Surrey, UK